Magic In Your Life

How do you begin to say thank you how do you begin to feel 
That magic in your life how do you begin to celebrate that king 
Of beauty the answer look within listen, listen to your longing 
Without fear listen to how Sweet it is how delicate it is how strong 
And persistent it is 

Things to know

Things to know about life no is a complete 
Sentence it does not require justification 
Ar Explanation 

The Sweetest Relasction

The Sweetest Relationship in this world is when you hold the
Hand of the person walks with you without asking 
Where and why 

I Love My Old Memories

For it was not into my ear you whispered but into my 
Heart it was not my lips you kissed but my soul

Why Feeling Vulnerable, When You Are, Is Normal

As an advisor, I see people, I have a general feeling of 'I Only in this way, would like to think not. People do not like being the underdog. When you become vulnerable, but vulnerable as normal. It is normal to have bouts of weakness.

In Love With Your Best Friend's Spouse

He was greeting horses after they played their precious dream things that really get what you want in life, you stop riding beggar. This is a capture the desires of your heart limit. You really want, desire for the thing is not intended to be easily accessible.

Catch Your Dream Man

If you want to catch the man of her dreams, you should not leave it to chance. There are certain strategies and skills that you must first learn how to become a magnet for the person you want. It's not all about the hunt for their prey and trailer, but with a focus on how you can make yourself attractive to him.

Love & Respect

There are so many emotions swirling around the need to respect and love. People are always looking for the two and finish with one or none. Why is it?