Why Feeling Vulnerable, When You Are, Is Normal

As an advisor, I see people, I have a general feeling of 'I Only in this way, would like to think not. People do not like being the underdog. When you become vulnerable, but vulnerable as normal. It is normal to have bouts of weakness.

As a result of the weakness of a normal life felt normal to feel vulnerable.

Often feel apart from their weaknesses. 'I should not think. This ... I'm a Christian, and I say this ... I believe in Christ will be much stronger. The weakness of my identity. '

In fact, many of the weaknesses identified in Christ, but we were wrong, where we can rely on God.

Life is such a significant impact on how we think. We have to do something that all of us on the corner, then enter the correct value. We need to quickly overwhelmed.

One of the saddest realities of life, we are quick to judge others and to be brought to justice for the poor.

Is not it something that can not be dumbed down to do it. Reality bites from time to time, and we can not choose our circumstances, we may be unable to find the meaning of our life seriously.

This will make us more vulnerable to the normal to feel vulnerable.

God's purpose in our power to choose, he wants to get through that, you can feel risky. He knows what we can do. But we rely on our own strength to get through it one way the poor can not get through.

Push us to the edge of life, and sometimes it's when you feel helpless, it's normal.

We expect that it will always keep our composure, we can be proud that it was. We see the truth of what is motivated by a fear of revealing confusion.

True love finds its true home weaknesses - show nothing. Nothing to hide.

We as a training ground, life, and we might be caught off guard at times of vulnerability to recognize that, when we see the weakness as well as a new learning opportunity. Instead of feeling scared, we can expect to feel. Instead of justice, we can not allow ourselves to be gentle with yourself. Heaven knows we need it.

There is no shame in being vulnerable, because there is no shame in feeling vulnerable.

We hope that when the war is the struggle of life.

It is generally expected to be vulnerable when natural feeling vulnerable.

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